1. Gregory says:

    When the men of this generation decided they didn’t want to deal with high maintenance, overweight, whinny, always bored and always tired ladies. The thinner ladies of today are more energetic, less encumbered physically, better energy, active and healthier. They don’t get tired and bored because they have the energy to do things. They get lots of attention from other people that like to live an active healthy lifestyle. Notice the girl in the thin pics are on the beach and in the water and In the other pics all they do is pose. That generation liked their ladies to be furniture and eye candy, seen and not heard. Todays lady is independent and stands up for herself and others, and doesn’t care if you like her looks or not. You may not like their physical look or feel it’s healthy to be this thin, but unless you have gotten to know them and spend time with them and understand why they choose to live this way and look this way, then you will never understand, and you will be missing out on one of life’s true joys. These are amazing people. Get to know them and you will feel the energy and their magnetism, and you will fall in love with them …. and their look.

    Power on ladies !!!! you are looking fantastic !!!!!

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