Emma Watson has a new ‘bad-girl’ look in new movie ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson Bling Ring look
Photo by SplashNews

How does Emma Watson look like if she is no longer Hermione Granger? All of us know Emma rose to prominence playing Hermione in Harry Potter, an intelligent and nice girl who willing to stand up for the justice. But how would she looks like if she changed toa bad girl? I mean really really bad with tattoos over the hand, dont-care-about-other character, oversized sunglasses, lower back tattoo in hot pants, bra, and high heels. Don’t worry, Emma is still the cute and nice girl we knew. This is just her role as reality-star in the new movie ‘The Bling Ring’. See some of her real life photos, she is still the Hermione we knew.

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